The Sweet Stand: Purveyors of Bowen Island Cakes, Treats, and More

We had a call from a guest recently who was celebrating a birthday while here. They asked us where they could find a Bowen Island birthday cake, and we thought it might be helpful to share our suggestions with the wider Bowen-visitor population. It's common to celebrate a birthday by getting away from it all, and not everyone wants to cart a cake (especially if it's a surprise) from the mainland.

Sweet Stand unicorn cookies.

The Ruddy Potato has some small dessert offerings, like mini cakes, as well as pies, and ice cream and other desserts are available there and at the General Store as well. Lime and Moon Pie Shop has some pies so decadent you could pass them off as cakes; however, they are open seasonally.

Lime and Moon Chocolate Banana Cream Pie
and Ruddy Potato dessert case.
(Photos from respective businesses' websites).

But if a real birthday cake, even a custom cake, is what you have your heart set on, and you have a little time to plan in advance, we recommend being in touch with Burle & Jess at The Sweet Stand, a home-based Bowen Island cake and dessert business whose products are as much eye-candy as mouth-candy.


BIA: What kinds of cakes and other products does the Sweet Stand make?

Burle & Jess: The Sweet Stand specializes in cakes and sugar cookies, but we also make a wide range of products, from classics like chocolate cake and apple pie to items for the more adventurous, like key lime tarts and tiramisu. You can find all of our cake and cookie options on our Sweet Stand website or Sweet Stand Facebook page, and if you have a specific request, get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss it.

BIA: Do you do gluten-free or vegan cakes?

Burle & Jess: We’re pleased to offer many of our items available in gluten free, vegan, dairy free, sugar free, or paleo. We have many taste testers who helped us to perfect various recipes to be able to offer to those with dietary needs without compromising taste or texture.

BIA: Tell us about the folks behind The Sweet Stand?

Burle & Jess: Burle Konopa and Jess Skett make up the team behind the goods from The Sweet Stand. Both self taught bakers who come together to create delicious treats, using old family recipes, new recipes, and classic recipes with their own twists to them.

Jess Skett & Burle Konopa

BIA: How did The Sweet Stand start?

Burle & Jess: The Sweet Stand came out of the passion each Burle and Jess has for baking, and the need for delicious baked goods in Bowen Island. It started as something offered to friends and quickly expanded through word of mouth and their attendance at the local farmers markets.

BIA: How much notice do you need for a cake or other item order?

Burle & Jess: As we’re a 2 person operation with all of our items being made to order, we often need a minimum of 3 days, but do suggest booking sooner if possible, and every now and again we can fit in orders for the next day.

BIA: Where can people find your cookies and cakes on Bowen Island?

Burle & Jess: Since our items are all made to order, the best way to pick something up is to send us an email or give us a call. You’ll also find us at the farmers markets throughout the summer with an assortment of ready to purchase (and enjoy!) baked goods.


Thanks, Burle & Jess for taking the time to let our guests know all about your Bowen Island desserts business. The next Bowen Island birthday guest to celebrate with a Sweet Stand cake is in for a real treat.