Vacation Rental Regulations Coming to Bowen Island

Guests, we urgently need your help...
As a frequent Bowen Island visitor, we urgently need your voice to be heard! The Bowen Island Municipality is in the process of regulating Vacation Rentals on Bowen Island... 

Restrictive regulations are being considered which may impact your next stay on Bowen Island.

  • Restricting Whole Houses as Vacation Rentals.  BIA only rents whole houses.  Would you be willing to rent a room in someone's home?  
  • Restricting Vacation Rentals to 120 days per year. BIA currently offers STVRs year-round to support Bowen businesses during the high season and offseason. On average we rent over 260 nights per year allowing you to get away all year long.  
  • Restricting Vacation Rentals to primary residences only. BIA rents ALL and ONLY vacation homes, none are primary residences. This regulation would end our STVR service to you, our guests. 

Please take the STVR survey here

Bowen Island Municipality has launched a Short-Term Rental Policy Project as they consider moving forward with regulations for short-term rentals.

This process involves several steps, including the opportunity for the public to weigh in via online survey and in-person consultations.

It is vitally important the municipality hears from Bowen Visitors such as yourselves.

Have your say!
  • Complete the online survey -- open until June 23 -- here.
  • Participate at the public house on short-term rentals happening June 6 (more details are here).
Again, your participation is crucial to the process of ensuring fair, flexible and easy-to-follow rules for short-term rentals in Bowen Island.

Thank you for your Short Term Rental Support!


Short Term Not Short-Sighted: Vacation Rentals on Bowen Island

Why we believe vacation rentals are important to Bowen. . . 

Restrictions on short-term vacation rentals (STVR) are becoming more common in municipalities across BC. While there are some concerns many of these municipalities have in common, such as housing and regulatory issues, it’s important to consider the many factors around this complicated issue before assuming that restricting vacation rentals will have the same effect in all locales, let alone a beneficial effect. Bowen Island is a unique case, and it’s likely that restricting short-term rentals here won’t solve the housing problem, but certainly will limit tourist dollars and employment opportunities. Read More Here...

Why all the ado about short-term rental regulations?

The municipality has started consultations for long expected short-term rental regulations for Bowen. 

Panoramic ocean views taken by cameras suspended over the island’s edge or awnings poking out of overgrown greenery greet potential visitors browsing Bowen’s AirBnB listings. One can rent an entire cottage on the sea and escape to the Happy Isle like thousands did during the Union Steamship days. Problem is, many or most of these listings are illegal. Read More Here...

Thank you for supporting Bowen Island Accommodations and Tourism on Bowen Island.  

Ensure your voice is heard! Take the survey before it closes on June 23rd.