*More* Bowen Island Accommodations Property Upgrades To Greet You in 2018

We reported on round one of property upgrades this winter, and now we're excited to share what round two has added to our vacation rental properties on Bowen Island.

This past winter we saw new entry stairs, landscaping, rock work, and a wi-fi-connected watering system for the Hideaway, a new dock at the Eastman Waterfront Retreat, and a new wood stove at the Eastman Waterfront Retreat.

This spring, we've been organizing new amenities and further improvements for you to enjoy, made possible thanks to the great work of local Bowen Island trades people and landscapers.

Eastman Waterfront Cottage

The new laundry shed at the Eastman Waterfront Cottage is now up and windows will be added soon, thanks to Norbert Puppe, our go-to local builder. Guests staying for longer periods will have access to this shed, where they can do laundry in our new machines. Our cleaners are grateful to have these nearby as well, meaning quicker turnovers for our next guests checking in.

New laundry shed at Eastman Waterfront Cottage

Norbert also added a much-needed roof over the Cottage entry door so guests and cleaners don’t get poured on when it's raining.

New entry roof at the Eastman Waterfront Cottage

Eastman Waterfront Retreat  

Island Girls Gardening have been working on the Eastman Waterfront Retreat property, caring for the lawn that edges the creak feature, and maintaining the garden and planters.

Norbert Puppe has finished the dock with views of Hutt Island and beyond, allowing guests to adventure out onto the water without even leaving their PJs (if they so choose!).

Lazy Bowen Hideaway

The new landscaping at the Lazy Bowen Hideaway has been planted by Su Rickett with deer-proof vegetation, so that natural beauty greets our visitors from all sides.


We hope hope our guests enjoy these improvements in the coming year, and we'll be sure to let you know about further property upgrades!