Staff Profile: Farewell to Davina, BIA Cleaning Professional Extraordinaire!

When we've had a staff member for three years, and know and value their work as we do Davina's, it's difficult to say goodbye. But nothing lasts forever and Davina is retiring from cleaning in order to make time for her growing proofreading business, and in that we wish her all the best. Find out more about her business here: Luckily, she's still available in a cleaning emergency, and that's great to know, especially in the high season when we need all the help we can get.

Indeed it makes sense that this is her path, as we've seen her fine attention to detail in all the properties and how it translates into beautiful spaces and contented guests. Before she left this fall, we asked for an interview, to share her Bowen Island story with you all... and Davina was happy to oblige.


BIA: When and why did you move to Bowen? Where did you move from?
Davina: I moved to Bowen the end of November, 2011, from Kitsilano to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. I fell in love with Bowen in 2000 and visited frequently. Once I became self-employed, I realized that I could do that from Bowen and not have to commute to the Mainland every day.

BIA: What do you like best about working for BIA / why is it a good fit for you?
Davina: Being in such beautiful places, prepping for the guests, imagining their pleased looks when they first check in for their vacation. It's a good fit for me because I enjoy cleaning, am service-oriented, and particularly enjoy the staging details.

Jan (top) and the team at our summer 2017 potluck, with Davina on the right.

BIA: How would you describe your cleaning style, or cleaning philosophy?
Davina: Cleaning, to me personally, equates to spreading TLC and good energy around a space. I sense each space as a living being and feel compelled to nurture that space. A clean space is empowering to those who spend time in it. An unclean, cluttered space has the opposite effect.

BIA: What do you do, when you’re not working for BIA (other work, fun)?
Davina: When I am not working for BIA, I proofread advertising material for local agencies and edit novels of authors who are referred to me. I spend a lot of time on the trails with Zoe, my teacup Yorkie, and dining in local restaurants. Most of the time, living on Bowen puts me in vacation mode!

BIA: What’s the biggest surprise a guest has left for you (good, bad, totally weird…)?
Davina: The biggest surprise a guest has left me is a $20 tip.

BIA: Which BIA property would you most like to stay in, and why?
Davina: I have stayed in the Eastman Cottage twice. I love the remote location and the expansive view of the water and Hutt Island. I love the cozy cottage feel of this location.

BIA: What’s your favourite thing about Bowen Island? Least favourite thing?
Davina: My favourite thing about Bowen Island is the close access to trails, beaches, the close-knit community, the silence, and lack of streetlights at night. My least favourite thing is running for the ferry and rushing around during shopping trips to the Mainland to ensure catching the ferry back home at a suitable time.

BIA: What’s your favourite Bowen Island event?
Davina: My favourite Bowen Island events are the Bowen Island Community Choir Christmas and spring concerts; I sing in the choir and it's a wonderful experience connecting with fellow choristers and enjoying the buildup during the week leading up to the concert and of course, being up on stage singing to a wonderful audience.

BIA: What would you hope visitors to Bowen Island could take away from their experience here?
Davina: I would hope that visitors feel pleasantly re-energized after visiting Bowen Island and recognize that this oasis is just a short ferry ride from the Mainland for more relaxation.


Thank you, Davina, for your years with Bowen Island Accommodations, and we wish you success with your home business, Shades of Crimson!