Team Excellence Profile: Anne

It's our pleasure to introduce you to Anne, our longest-standing cleaning professional, whose attention to detail and focus on guest experience makes her work with Bowen Island Accommodations so valuable. When you see the cleanliness of our vacation rental homes, it's due to the keen eye of cleaners like Anne, most of whom, if not all, have been trained by her over the years.

BIA: How long have you been working for Bowen Island Accommodations?
Anne: Five years

BIA: What do you like best about working for BIA / why is it a good fit for you?
Anne: What I like best: working as part of a team of cleaners; the individuality of each property and the waterfront locations; satisfaction of contributing to making it a clean and inviting place for the next guests. Why is it a good fit for me? After retiring from office work, the part-time work of cleaning vacation rentals keeps me physically active.

BIA: How would you describe your cleaning style, or cleaning philosophy?
Anne: I put myself in the shoes of guests and aim to provide a clean and comfortable environment for their stay.

BIA: What’s the biggest surprise a guest has left for you (good, bad, totally weird…)?
Anne: I have not come across any real surprises, but there is always the suspense before entering the house, whether guests left the place as they found it. Of course, when guests leave a tip for the cleaning staff, that is a pleasant surprise.

Which BIA property would you most like to stay in, and why?
Anne: The Waterfront Suite! I love the closeness to the ocean and the decks.

BIA: When and why did you move to Bowen? Where did you move from?
Anne: 1979 when our son was 4, we moved from a high-rise in Vancouver's West End to our present house, which was a cabin that was raised by one storey and was partially renovated. Bowen appealed to us because of the rural character and being an island. And the house prices were much less than in the city, making it possible for us to own our home. Bowen had the same appeal for us then as it has today for young families; it is a wonderful community for raising children.

Anne (centre) & Jan (top) and the BIA team of professional cleaners

BIA: What do you do, when you’re not working for BIA (other work, fun)?
Anne: I run a small B&B, using the guest room in our house to offer accommodation with breakfast. In my spare time, I like going for walks, I love to swim in the ocean in the summer and ride my bicycle in the city, enjoying the bike routes along the Vancouver waterfront. During the colder months, I don’t spend as much time outside and I knit socks and read.

BIA: What’s your favourite thing about Bowen Island? Least favourite thing?
Anne: Favourite: Beaches, forests, wild berries.
Least favourite: Days of rain and darkness.

BIA: What’s your favourite Bowen Island event?
Anne: Bowfest.

BIA: What would you hope visitors to Bowen Island could take away from their experience here?
Anne: Closeness to nature, serenity and friendly encounters with the community.