Interview: Twenty Years Visiting and Loving Bowen Island

We love hearing from guests who choose Bowen Island again and again for their vacation getaways, as we know they love it as much as we do. Every now and then we like to ask them what, specifically, they love about this special place. Robert, who, with his wife, has stayed many times with Bowen Island Accommodations, kindly agreed to answer our questions about their Bowen Island experiences.


BIA: Where is home for you, and why do you choose to vacation on Bowen Island?
Robert: My wife and I live in Port Coquitlam and have visited Bowen Island at least twice per year for close to 20 years. At first we would just do day trips and have dinner in Horseshoe Bay to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Our kids were just young then and we would go usually on a Saturday with our two Basset hounds to walk around the Killarny Lake trail, and also visit Dorman Point. The trails were very pleasant to walk, the meadow area along the Crippen trail has been a favourite spot for us.

BIA: What’s your favourite thing to do here?
Robert: We often bring our inflatable canoe to paddle in Tunstall Bay,  and we usually always include a visit to the Cape Roger Curtis area as well to walk the trails there.

Robert and his wife have been vacationing on Bowen Island for over 20 years

BIA:You’ve stayed many times at the Hollybarry Cottage (a vacation rental until 2016), twice at the Lazy Bowen Hideaway, once at the Lazy B Waterfront Suite, and twice at the Eastman Waterfront Cottage. What have you enjoyed about these places, and do you have a favourite?
Robert: I would have to say our favourite place to stay now is the Eastman Waterfront Cottage. We enjoy the close proximity to the water with all the properties, and we find the people that have homes locally are very pleasant. We have always felt welcome.

For several years we would stay at Hollybarry Cottage during Easter and then at Island Thyme suite on the opposite side of Bowen during the September Long weekend. This was our family tradition. Sadly, Island Thyme suite has new owners, and we have not tried vacationing there under the new owners' term. We were first introduced to the Lazy Bowen Hideaway when the HollyBarry cottage was not available one Easter weekend. We decided to try the Eastman Waterfront Cottage as well, as we were comfortable trying another property managed by Jan as we knew it would be clean and well appointed.

Robert's family swimming the waters around Bowen Island

BIA: What’s your favourite place to eat on Bowen, or do you cook at your residence?
Robert: We do cook most of our meals at the cabin when we stay on the island. We just find it to be more relaxing to stay at home and prepare our own meals and have more family time together. The best views are often at the cottage! We have ordered takeout from a couple of the restaurants on the island and enjoyed the meals at the cottage, taking in the view.

So much to see around Howe Sound

BIA: With many vacation rental offerings here, why do you choose Bowen Island Accommodations?
Robert: We like using Bowen Island Accommodations as Jan has a good support team, she is very prompt with her replies to vacation requests, and we just find the process to be very organized and effortless!

There are trails here for all the family members to enjoy.

BIA: Any recommendations for folks new to vacationing on Bowen Island (preparations, things to do, places to go, what to bring)?
Robert: My recommendation to people wanting to vacation on the island is to bring a variety of clothing to be outside during all types of weather, and make sure to bring a camera. We also bring movies, books and/or games from home that we've always been meaning to use, but don't seem to have time to when we are at home.

Also, we always bring our coffee french press, usually stop for muffins and bring some nice wine. Staying for two nights is a must, but three nights is better!

The ferry service is excellent, we have never had more than a one sailing wait even at the busiest of times! We might have been lucky, but we don't mind waiting as it isn't a very long turnaround for the ferry.


Thank you to Robert for taking the time to answer our questions, and we so appreciate his love of Bowen Island, going back 20 years!