Escape from Hawaii: Why We Come Back to Bowen Island

With every new guest who stays with us at Bowen Island Accommodations, we hope they come to love Bowen Island as much as we do. So when guests return for another stay, we delight in knowing that they do feel this way.

But when return guests make the trip from lovely Hawaii to Bowen, then we're really curious.

Brett and his family are staying this spring for their second time at the Lazy Bowen Hideaway, and have kindly taken the time to tell us about what makes Bowen Island special to them (enough to leave their tropical paradise for our temperate one).

Brett & family on the ferry to Bowen Island

BIA: Why do you and your family come to Bowen Island? Especially considering, you live in Hawaii! And many of us here would love to have a warm winter or spring vacation there.

Brett: We usually come during spring break (yes, there are also "seasons" in Hawaii), which is in March.  It is our alternative island as a getaway and hideaway from anything Americana, especially in these days, to enjoy the majestic landscape of British Columbia.  Also, when we are on an island, we are much more refrained from just getting behind the wheel and driving all day, which defeats the purpose of a relaxing vacation.

Exploring rain forest trails at Killarny Lake.

BIA: What’s your favourite thing to do here? What’s your kids’ favourite thing to do here?

Brett: Absolutely nothing. But if we do venture out, a stroll or jog around Killarney Lake is a must. My wife loves visiting the quaint local shops and farms, plus the museum. My kids often think they are on the Thomas the Train island (Sodor) from the cartoon show, although the ferry terminal is a good substitute. Otherwise, they just play in nature, from skipping rocks to looking for wildlife. Before I forget, we can not overemphasize how friendly the locals have been, and we hope we are doing the same, welcoming visitors in Hawaii.

Family time in the forest

BIA: Any favourite activities off-Bowen that you do on your way up, or as a day trip?

Brett: We usually spend a few days in Whistler. We can not imagine a day trip from Bowen Island. Why would we want to leave unless we have to?

BIA: Any unexpected surprises during your last trip (good or bad)?

Brett: Can't think of anything bad...although I do get nervous sometimes about not being able to get on a ferry when the line is long.

BIA: What’s your favourite place to eat on Bowen, or do you cook at the Hideaway?

Brett: We usually do takeouts (Ruddy Potato) or buy produce to cook at home.

BIA: Why did you choose Bowen Island Accommodations / Lazy Bowen Hideaway?

Brett: It has everything we imagined in a rustic seaside cottage, and more (the modern conveniences...). Jan has been very responsive and takes excellent care of the property with a designer's touch.

Skipping rocks at Eagle Cliff Beach,
with the Lazy Bowen Hideaway in the background.

BIA: Any recommendations for folks new to vacationing on Bowen Island (preparations, things to do, places to go, what to bring)?

Brett: We are selfish in that we want Bowen Island to be a "hidden" destination, like the many places we wish the tourists had yet to discover in Hawaii. Other than being prepared for the colder weather, I would say the best Bowen Island experience is not to have a to-do-list: there are only so many roads, but the trails will lead the visitors to wonderful memories.


Thanks so much for taking the time, Brett. We love to hear from returning guests about what makes Bowen Island special to them!

Do you have a special connection with Bowen Island as a vacation spot, and would you like to share your story? Click here to email us - we'd love to hear from you!