Farewell Hollybarry Cottage, Hello Evergreen Cottage

The Hollybarry Cottage has seen thousands of guests enjoy themselves during its two-decade life as a vacation rental home on Bowen Island, BC. If its walls could speak, they’d tell of multi-generation family vacations, wedding weeks, bachelorette weekends, guys’ getaways, BFFs’ playing boardgames, and solo retreats by the fire.

Alas, change happens, and starting in 2017 the Hollybarry will begin a new life as a home for long-term renters.

Jean Cleator managed her cottage for many years, then passed it on to her adult children to run. Holly and Barry, the siblings for whom the cottage is named, have written, “This was not an easy decision as we enjoyed having guests from near and far stay at the cottage, some of whom returned for many years. A heartfelt thanks to all our guests for sharing with us the peaceful and natural beauty of Bowen Island.”

We at Bowen Island Accommodations have enjoyed managing the Hollybarry Cottage since January 2014, on behalf of and in partnership with the Cleator family.  It has been a very busy accommodation and always in demand for families and friends, hosting from 2-6 guests at a time.

For those looking for similar vacation rental opportunities on Bowen Island, starting this autumn 2016 Bowen Island Accommodations added the Evergreen Cottage to its collection of quality homes for short-term rental. Like the cozy Hollybarry Cottage, this Lindal Cedar built home, Evergreen Cottage, sleeps 2-6 guests as well with three bedrooms. It also has easy parking, a large deck with a gorgeous water view, and is close to Snug Cove, hikes, and beaches. 

Besides the new Evergreen Cottage, we of course have the much-loved Lazy Bowen Hideaway and Lazy B Waterfront Suite in the Eaglecliff neighbourhood just down the road from the Hollybarry Cottage. If you love Eaglecliff Beach and views of the North Shore this property is perfect, whether you rent the Whole House for your party of eight, just the Lazy Bowen Hideaway for your small group, or the Lazy B Waterfront Suite for your personal retreat.

We also continue to proudly represent the Eastman Waterfront Retreat and Eastman Waterfront Cottage in the Mount Gardner neighbourhood, one a modern Platinum Green award winning home, the other a quaint seaside log cabin.

Please see our table below to find the vacation rental that best suits your needs, and go to www.bowenislandaccommodations.net to book.

We would like to thank the Cleator family for the opportunity to manage their lovely property and wish them and the new Hollybarry Cottage home all the best for 2017 and beyond. And most of all, thank you, our Bowen Island Accommodation guests for building your family and life memories with us for twenty years at the Hollybarry Cottage and at all our properties.



Murray A said…
We were lucky to have Hollybarry Cottage in our neighbourhood operating as a Vacation Rental for so many years. We made friends with many of the returning guests and was always fun to look up the hill to see the lights, knowing that someone new was enjoying our neighboured.
Needless to say, as next door neighbours to the Lazy Bowen, we enjoy meeting our new neighbours on a regular basis. It is always so wonderful to see their look of bliss and relaxation as they always tell us how lucky we are to live here full time. Can't count the number of times we've heard them comment on how much they'd love to live on our awesome island.