You will not find one chain restaurant on Bowen…….No Mickey D’s, No Olive Garden, No Tim Horton’s, and No Starbucks. Will you survive? Even more than survive you will be impressed with our locally owned restaurants. This is part of the character of Bowen that makes it so charming…….. DELICIOUS FOOD lovingly prepared by local owners.

Are you planning your meals for your extended or weekend stay on Bowen? Cooking in or eating out? check out our favourites below....



Buy your Fresh Produce on Bowen.
Lucky for you Bowen has its own locally grown Farmer's Market open every Saturday, June - October. Located at the School just past the 4 corners. 



Part of my routine when driving up from Seattle to Bowen is to stop and shop at Two Ees Organic Market in Surrey to pick up my farm fresh produce.  What a treat!! I can certainly taste the difference between 2 Ees’ versus grocery store lettuce, spinach, and broccoli. Can you?  

What I really LOVE is the price of the red peppers……ONLY 99 cents per pound… You can buy 3-4 for just a $1 unlike at home where they are always $1.25 PER pepper. 

When you tire of cooking never fear....We have at least 20 insanely good food suggestions for you while on Bowen. 



479 Bowen Island Trunk Road  ~~~  604-947-2782

The Bowen Island Pub serves up a great juicy, tasty, burger with plenty of options to dress it up or down. Add in the freshly made coleslaw and hand cut fries and your hunger pangs disappear.  

BONUS ~ If you love burgers make Thursday night your out to dinner night at the Pub ……..Special ~ 2 burgers for the price for 1. 

Ok, I do order their Cobb Salad at times too. My son loves their French Dip
Bowen Island Pub Pizza is delicous

The word is……don’t forget the pizza…. It is the best on Bowen. 

For my Gluten FREE friends, the Pub now offers salads with your choice of protein adds. My NEW favorite delish dish is the Salt and Pepper chicken wings!!

For some really good values check out the nightly specials here: http://www.bowenislandpub.com/menu/  

The Pub is one of the few spots open on Bowen 7 days a week.

AS of June 2018 the PUB is fancy and new.....oh it is still that rustic and collected old feel but all new materials, tables, chairs, wait staff........all grown up. 



A French inspired bistro and crêperie in the heart of Bowen island BC. Offering soups, salads and French bistro special dishes like steamed mussels and French fries, braised lamb shank and more. 

One favorite dish at the Rustique Bistro? IMPOSSIBLE!! The food is SOOO GOOD!! So, how about Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner favorites? That works for me……….


The Bistro is known for their breakfast crepes, sweet or savory.  My fave is the West Coast with eggs and salmon…….of course gluten free for me on a galette. The galette is made from organic buckwheat and gives me the satisfaction of tasting a “grain” ….I will forever miss flour.


I do love a good salad made by someone other than myself. Don’t you think food tastes better when someone else makes it? I sure do. My favorite is the Cobb Salad. It is truly like eating in the French countryside as they pull a freshly organic chicken off the rotisserie and shred the chicken onto fresh organic greens, avocado, bacon and blue cheese. Yummy!!


Céline and Thierry know how to keep me coming back for more. I have been seen having lunch and dinner in the same day at the Bistro and I always order the Braised Lamb Shank with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. Tasty!!!



443 B Bowen Island Trunk Road  ~~~  604 947 0402 

The Snug Cafe is more than just a coffee shop

The Snug Cafe is a small rickety old building (I call it charming) that is almost as old as Bowen Island itself. It is  more than a coffee shop and far greater than a breakfast and lunch cafe. The Snug is an institution, a meeting place, a cornerstone of our Bowen community. 

This is simple…….it’s a pair of fresh poached eggs over gluten free toast with a side of pan grilled potatoes.  For those of you that can enjoy all the menu try the Salmon Benedict or Breakfast Burrito.

Eggs scrambled with dill, cream cheese, avocado, and smoked salmon over gluten-free toast and fresh fruit.  
My new favorite, The Royal

On those mornings when dashing for the ferry I like to leave the accommodation 1 hour prior to my sailing, get a parking spot in the ferry line up close to the Snug Café and pop in for coffee and breakfast. 

Lunch choices are equally as satisfying 

”Absolutely brilliant food, served quickly and served with a smile.”



539 Artisan Lane  ~~~  604 947 0190 

Artisan Eats is a bright and airy café with a modern country décor boasting amazing views of the mountains, ocean and forest. They serve French Bistro fare, delicious breakfast & decadent brunches. This is a great spot to pick up your made from scratch croissants, pain au chocolate, muffins, country breads plus more all freshly made by Pastry Chef Michael. 

My favorite dish at Artisan Eats is as green as can be, Kale and Green and Black Quinoa Salad with dried dates, feta cheese, fresh mint, & slivered almonds $9. Sometimes I add a bit of protein: chicken or prawns $4. 

Locals give the Power Bars and Morning Glory Muffins high praise. Try ‘em…….you’ll like ‘em.



581 Artisan Lane  ~~~   604 947 2996  
Ok, yes, it’s true…………I love sweet treats, How about YOU? And oh what a treat to have a rich dark chocolate Italian Gelato at Cocoa West Chocolatier.  

If you prefer something a bit warmer with the rainy season coming our way a steaming cup of Famous Certified Organic Hot Chocolate will be a soothing alternative.

Cocoa West is well known for their artisan truffles, all made on site with natural and organic ingredients. Nothing says “Bowen” more than a gift box of truffles for your favorite friends back home.



https://www.tuscanypizza.com~~~ 604 947 0550
Tuscany Tiramisu

Will is doing a fantastic job of running both The Snug Cafe and the more gourmet Tuscany.....running ragged? Sure.....but he has family, a great staff and partners helping him provide delicious food for Bowen and our visitors.  The regular menu is a constant but there are always FRESH locally sourced nightly specials too. 

My favorite table at the Tuscany is upstairs just outside of the kitchen. There you can watch Will prepare and plate all the specialty meals being served. His plating is artful and the flavours yummy. 
Another Tuscany piece of art - fresh beets and pork belly
Is Pizza your thing? The Tuscany has a stone pizza oven that puts out a variety of freshly topped pies....Gluten free too. Check out their pizza menu and order as you board the ferry.....pick up as you drive off.  
Tuscany pizza with fresh toppings - 



 994 Dorman # 202  ~~~  (604) 947-6806

My Neighbour and Bowen’s Citizen of the Year 2010,  Murray Atherton says, “Great Sushi on Bowen!!  A treat to find on Bowen Island. Our favourite are the California Rolls as a take-home! Can't go wrong!” Eat in or take out.



439 Trunk Road   ~~~  604-947-0808
Doc’s location is premiere and so are their Fish and Chips! A bustling summer restaurant right on the lawn down by the USS Steamship Marina. For the first time in years, Doc’s will be operating through the winter months.



The Village Baker has the best cinamon buns!!
992 Dorman Road   ~~~  604 947 2869

What better way to balance out your yoga session with some Cinnamon Rolls from the Village Baker Café? Well, that’s what the yoga ladies do. Oh, I miss cinnamon rolls and I hear these are delicious!!!



1351 Adams Road  ~~~  604 947  9439
There is nothing more fun than eating at a picnic table in the country with chickens free ranging at your ankles, burrows baying just beyond the fence and one big sleepy dog sprawled at the steps. 

OK this isn’t a restaurant any longer but I think if we apply pressure and ask about the weekend BBQ’s Maybeeee….. they will bring the Weekend BBQd Lamborghinis back.

But in-between now and then……stop by Alderwood Farm and pick up some Lamborghini patties and grill at home. They are the VERY BEST!!!

Grill your Lamborghini's on the Lazy Bowen Hideaway propane BBQ and then sit and enjoy the ocean view.