I CAN SEE THE END...........SORT OF...................

Then new entry door was installed today. It is just beautiful!!! When you arrive at the new entry door <<<.bam>>> all you see is the gorgeous waterfront view.........before you enter the house. I LOVE THAT!!!  Which one do you prefer?  
Before Entry Door
The New entry door with electronic key code pad
We are aware of privacy and have taken that into consideration. Conrad Wood is working on the full height gate and arbour which will screen the glass entry door and provide privacy for our guests. 

The old front deck has been replaced and raised to one step up from the cat walk around the living room. It is approximately 4 feet higher than before in order to give headroom to the Petite Suite private patio below. The NEW Hideaway deck is weather proof creating a dry outdoor space below for the Petite Suite guests. How GREAT is that? 

The newly upgraded Hideaway deck. 
I can picture the tapping rain, a cozy blanket and a heater while sitting under the NEW patio roof with a hot coffee or maybe a delicious glass of wine..............I will be the first to try it out. :)  

There is plenty of head space, over 10 feet, to create the new patio and landscaping for the Petite Suite. This will be a special private space to enjoy the waterfront views and all of the surrounding nature. Bucky's grass bed is just below this new patio spot. I hope he will be OK with our close proximity.  

The Petite Suite weather proof patio cover will be over 10' high.