GRAHAM RITCHIE  works fast. While I was attending a VRBO Summit in San Diego the kitchen has disappeared. 

We were able to sell our Frigidaire to an islander in need of a working fridge. It was like new, only 5 years old. Heather and Ron Woodall now have a great refrigerator for their home.  

We also were able to pass along the awning style window to another islander. It does my heart good to have perfectly good materials re- purposed. 

The 37 year old stove, cook top and stainless steel sink were recycled at the Bowen Island Recycle Depot., The BIRD.  Anne Mann and the team took perfect care of these appliances, They were like new and sparkled inside but........Hopefully new is better and the new appliances will last another nearly 40 years,  
Notice that the old awning style window has been replaced with with a 30 x 40 window........now we can see out to the trail..........or not. 
We are looking for a new home for the entry door.........its a beauty and would love for it to go to a new  home. Our new door will swing out leaving more floor space in the new kitchen plan. 

Our next step is to figure out what to do with the reclaimed fir flooring and the voids. We will figure this out later today and hopefully it will be reclaiming the reclaimed fir floor once again along with some new reclaimed or maybe a tile inset in-between the sink and island counters framed in fir flooring. 

What do you think? 

The new kitchen cabinets will arrive on Tuesday for the installation.