The air quality is EXCELLENT inside and out!!

We have been busy renovating the Lazy Bowen Hideaway and the Lazy B Petite Suite this past week. You won't "SEE" the upgrades but you will smell the healthy air improvements. 

Chris Schmidt from Island Basement Systems is an outstanding professional and expert in his field. In 2 days he transformed our musty and slightly damp storage and crawl space by wrapping and sealing these areas with the "clean Space" wrap. In addition we also upgraded the air quality of the home with an HRV, Heat Recovery Ventilation system. Not only is the musty cabin smell gone but fresh outdoor air is being exchanged, warmed and circulated throughout the property. It is a healthy air home. 

Chris is also an energy audit expert and found where our house was leaking warm air and letting in cold air. When he arrived our leaky house had a rating of 9 air exchanges per hour which apparently is high. When he was finished foaming the holes and sealing the gaps we are now at 3.75 air exchanges per hour. He beat his goal..... And now my goal is to save on our Hydro bills. 

Come and enjoy our home with its new healthy air system and improved comfort.