Morning in Genevieve's Garden - Lorne Warr


Spring is coming to Bowen and Lorne Warr of the Streels has captured the beauty of the impending bloom. I just love this tender mandolin musical!!

Newfoundland born, ECMA nominated singer/songwriter Lorne Warr, who now lives on Bowen Island, BC, composes and performs music that connects the “then and now and islands on both edges of the country.”  Writer and broadcaster Diane Laloge,  says of his music:  "Lorne's songs, sung in a rich baritone voice, are a cry from the heart that stand against the winds of change that buffet all of us.  They are a warm safe shelter from the storm." Raised in the small coastal town of Lewisporte, Lorne's memories of listening to his Granny’s button accordion and his father’s stories of ghost ships and pirates have propelled him down his life path of musician and storyteller. 

To learn more about Lorne Warr and the Streels take a look at their web site:

Genevieve is his lovely wife and my favorite massage therapist on Bowen Island. Her massage treatments are truly magical. Sadly for Bowen, Genevieve and Lorne are moving to the East Coast of Canada and leaving us this summer only to return for visits. 

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