We are excited about beginning the process of renovating the Lazy Bowen Hideaway and the Lazy B Petite Suite. It is a long process as the neighbours have to be consulted regarding the variance, the municipality needs to give us permits, architectural drawings need to be created, and the work needs to be planned during our slow season. Our  slow season starts late October and into November and then again in January. 

We would like to reassure our potential guests that all work will be done while the property is closed down. You will not be stepping over saws and boards. The dream to make our property even better will be coming true in small bites .........we hope you will like it. 

We are hoping to:

  • improve the curb appeal by adding a new roof line over the entry and kitchen dining area.
  • If the budget allows and the variance is approved we will add 4 feet to the depth of the kitchen and dining room
  • replacing the asphalt roof with "copper" like metal roofing. 
  • updating the entry railings and entry ramp with stone posts
  • extending the roof over the walkway so we have a dry entry porch
  • adding lighting for those dark nights
  • re-configuring the outdoor and seaside decks
  • adding more windows to the Petite Suite improving its view
  • updating the bathroom of the petite Suite - It is time for the pink tub to go. 
Just a few of the items on the tic list. What would you change?