We Are Even Better Than Before...What's New?

Jan Stevens, your host
  • Meticulous Cleaning Team
  • High Definition Living Room TV in the Hideaway
  • Extensive Soundproofing between the Hideaway and the Petite Suite
  • Washroom Rules Revised
  • Rattan Chairs Reupholstered 
  • Comfy New Easy Chair with Ottoman in the Hideaway
  • Fireplace Glass & Screen Doors
  • Cleator Road Regraded
  • Brand New Summer Time Dock
When we ask for guest feedback we take it to heart. We are always working to improve our guest's stay

Meticulous Cleaning Team - Last July we made a change with our housekeeping staff. We needed our cleaning staff to care as much about our property as we do.  We are  thrilled to have found Anna, the perfectionist, Debbie, the detailer, and Tara, the cleaning tornado. Together they follow the cleaning check list to make sure the home is staged, pressed and spotless plus more. All the details are taken care of from pressing the pillow cases, finishing the laundry, to sweeping the decks and making the oven pristine. Each turnover takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours which ensures that the house is meticulously clean, promising that our cabin is ready to make a GREAT first impression for you, our guests.  

High Definition Living Room TV in the Hideaway - This past fall we added the High Definition cable box so our guests could watch their favorite programs in HD quality TV. It just makes relaxing a bit better or maybe....more like home. 

Cellulose insulation was replaced  
Extensive Sound Proofing between the Hideaway and the Petite Suite - In April 2012 we basically closed down the Hideaway and the Petite Suite for 3 weeks to Soundproof between the floor and the ceiling. You can read more about the Sound Upgrade project here.

Washroom Rules Revised - Our Cleator Road All Wheel Drive required driveway is a challenge for deliveries, garbage pick up and septic tank pump outs. With a lot of focus and determination to upgrade and improve our washroom rules we found Advantage Waste, a company with a 4 Wheel drive Septic pump truck that could navigate our driveway before and after pumping out our septic tank.  NOW,  Advantage Waste will make regular visits to our waterfront property to pump our tank. We still ask our guests to refrain from flushing any products with the exception of toilet paper and human waste. We know that our guests appreciate this upgrade. 

Rattan Chairs Reupholstered - The Hideaway living room has 2 rattan rocking chairs with ottomans. When we arrived last spring the guests had placed cushions on the seats as the batting was completely gone, nearly flat like a pancake. We took notice!! We made a template, selected a highly durable indoor outdoor fabric that promises not to stain or fade, and had our top notch upholsterer remake the seat and back cushions with quality foam and fill. The chairs now sit like a fully upholstered chair, they are fresh and bright, and all the more comfortable to rock and swivel around to enjoy the sea view.  
Chair from Stylus Furniture in Burnaby
Comfy New Easy Chair with Ottoman in the Hideaway - As sentimentally attached as our son was to the very old colonial rocking chair we felt it was time for it to be replaced. It was comfortable but faded and each time one sat into the chair you would wonder if was going to fall over. We replaced it with a roomy contemporary chair with ottoman......comfortable for short and tall guests. We added felt pads to the feet so it can be turned to face the TV or the View.

Pleasant Hearth AR-1020 Arrington Fireplace Glass Door, Black, Small
Fireplace Glass and Screen Doors- The 40 year old glass doors and screen needed to be replaced. They were rusted and with a bit of a tug could easily fall out of the opening. This past November we installed new bi-fold glass doors with the safety screen. The doors open and close with ease (unlike the old ones).  When the fire is out the glass doors can be closed to keep the heat in the house rather than the heat wafting up the flu. They look GREAT and function easily..........  

Cleator Road Regraded - A road crew came in last May to regrade and fill holes in our gravel driveway. The crew broke down some troublesome rocks that dictated the width and smoothness of the road. Rain runoff issues were addressed and a different grade of gravel was used. Nine months later we are please with the roads durability to the pounding rain and run off ........no pot holes and no river beds. We still require AWD or 4 Wheel drive vehicles to drive up and down Cleator Road but we can say that the drive or walk is smooth going.  

2012 Eagle Cliff Community BBQ Event. 
Brand New Summer Time Dock - The old main dock was burned and replaced with a fantastic new dock built by the Eagle Cliff neighbors last spring.  Check out the community that came together to build such a fabulous new dock expected to last for many years to come.    http://eaglecliff.wordpress.com/the-floats/
Steve Sheppard organized the materials, timeline, and Eagle Cliff neighbors to achieve this huge community undertaking. Adding the slide and diving board has been a huge hit.......popular with the young and old alike. 

Our Eagle Cliff dock if for loading and unloading of boats only with a 1 hour tie up limit. Our guests are available to use our Eagle Cliff community dock.