Bowen Island People, Plants, & Places Tour ~~ July 21 & 22, 2012

Not to be missed!!! If you love flowers, landscaping, and viewing other peoples homes the Bowen Island People, Plants, and Places Tour is ideal for you. 

10:00am ~ 4:00pm

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We invite you to this rare opportunity to visit nine unique sites. Email here to reserve your tickets @ $25 each or in groups of 10 @ $10 each.  Include your name, phone number and number of tickets that you wish to purchase. 

The Lazy B Petite Suite is currently available for accommodations the July 20th weekend so you can relax and enjoy this beautiful weekend at your own pace.

Email Jan to reserve your stay at the Lazy Bowen Hideaway during the PPandP Tour weekend.  Or give us a call toll free @ 888-604-1475.

Above is our beloved neighbor, Jean Cleator, an avid gardener. Her energy and spirit is one to aspire to. When staying at the Lazy Bowen Hideaway be sure to peak into Jean's gorgeous and well tended garden at the top of our driveway. It is lovely!!! 
Visit original turn of the century cottages to new Northwest Contemporary homes. The variety of architecture is inspiring.  
View prize winning roses like no other. 

Bowen Islanders take pride in their gardening. Since Bowen is a rock the Gardeners of Bowen have said that if they combined all the soil brought over to their gardens from the main land to the island they would no longer need the ferry to arrive on Bowen.  

The photos on this post were taken by me, Jan Stevens, during the 2010 People, Plants, and Places Tour. The gardens were spectacular, the homes inspiring, and it was a great way to view all the different climates on Bowen. Our home at Eagle Cliff on the east side of Bowen is dry and arid and requires drought tolerant plants. While the west side of Bowen is a much wetter climate that accommodates a totally different landscape.

Visit for more People Plants and Places Tour information.