Wild Winter Weather on Bowen

A November Squamish Squall
Wild winter weather on Bowen can be cold and beautiful.....the trick is to be prepared for whatever comes your way November through April. We supply firewood, lanterns, flashlights, and warm cozy blankets.  No candles as they can be a fire hazard. Just last month, November 2010, we had gale force winds all day long. The icy cold Northerly storm blew down through the Squamish and blasted the north side of Bowen. they call these winds Gap Winds. Trees fell causing power outages......some up to 14 hours. Our power went out at 8:30am.

Even with all the gusts our beach at Eagle Cliff was calm and our southerly exposure kept the house warm. But we couldn't brew a cup of coffee or fix breakfast so a visit to Artisan Eats was the ideal solution. It was DELICIOUS!!! 

The above photos are of Finesterre Island and it's unique driveway. As you can see, they can only "drive" to their island when the tide is out. The owner drilled his own tunnel to access his home at the top of the island.

After breakfast a tour around the island was in order. At least the car was heated and there was music. I headed toward the north side of Bowen, Hood Point and Finesterre Island.  Chasing the storm was thrilling. The wind was blowing so hard I could barely stand up. My intention and challenge was to capture Bowen winter photos for next year's calendar. Warm wool socks, layers of clothes, kept me warm on this bright, windy, and chilly day.
Then it was dinner time.....the power was still out and I was hungry. My neighbor and Bowen's 2010 Citizen of the Year, Murray Atherton accepted my invitation to Blue Eyed Mary's. The meal was the best that I have ever eaten while on Bowen. The bison was perfectly cooked and seasoned. If you have food allergies they are knowledgeable and willing to accommodate your needs. You must give them a try before their lease runs out.
After dinner around 10:00pm, I was cozy and wrapped in a plush blanket and gazing at the fireplace, I thought, "OK, It's time, might as well go to bed." I turned off my lantern and <<< POOF >>>> like magic the lights finally came back on. In retrospect, it was kind of like camping but in the comfort of our home. The stars were brighter, the view of Vancouver crisper, and entertainment was provided by the light of a lantern. I loved it!!!   


Anonymous said…
Several times I have see this type of weather which is worth of enjoying that weather with a cup of coffee. I am always waiting for the part of the season to be like this for a limited time.