We have added new amenities to the Lazy Bowen Hideaway and Petite Suite

The above photo was taken from the Eagle Cliff beach looking up at the Lazy Bowen Hideaway through the blooming Laburnum.  
My recent trip, May 6-11, to the Lazy Bowen Hideaway was weather perfect. It was short sleeve T-shirt weather; a bright & sunny 65-70 degrees. We, that is Uli and Reg and Me,  worked outside in the lower yard as well as the cliff viewpoint. The Cliff View Point was occupied by an above ground vegetable garden from tenants past. The raised garden was taking up valuable people relaxation space. We used the garden soil for a few new drought tolerant plants and bordered the flower bed with 75lb boulders, perfect bench height for sitting and taking in nature and the spectacular view.  We brought in some gravel to create a "patio" of sorts and then added a few chaise lounges for relaxing. What a terrific spot to wile away a sunny day.          
Working outdoors was golden with the Laburnum blooming all around. As you can see, every photo has a blooming Laburnum tree in it.  If you love spring with all of its flora remember to visit Bowen Island and the Hideaway in the first few weeks of May next year.  
We have added new amenities to the property:

  • Window coverings- We have found that our guests feel more comfortable covering up the windows at night. 

  • Lock Boxes- The Keys are now securely stored in lock boxes making the keys easier to find and more secure... not that we worry about it much.   

  • Weber propane BBQ- We now have a Weber Briquette BBQ for our Petite Suite guests and a propane BBQ for the Hideaway. 

  • Coffee Grinder- We have added coffee grinders to both the Hideaway & the Petite Suite. Guests asked and we supplied. 

  • Cast Iron skillet- this is my favorite pan to cook in and we needed one in the Petite Suite. Its ready now as I seasoned it for you all.

  • Wool area rug- The hideaway has a new area rug in front of the aqua sofa. It is a great anchor for the room. 

  • Swivel rocker - We added a custom re-upholstered chair with funky fabric to the Petite Suite. It started out as burnt orange and it was only $4.95. We needed another seat in the Petite Suite living room so there it is. It is comfy too. 

  • Ottoman - soon to arrive at the Petite Suite. A custom upholstered round ottoman ...to be delivered in July.     
Our goal is to continuously update and re-fresh the property with the conveniences of home.