Round Bowen Challenge 2008 guest, Heather Nelson,

"We had a wonderful stay, and LOVED watching the weather come and go and change through the picture windows overlooking the bay! We were warm and snug inside. We had some wonderful adventures kayaking, hiking Mt Gardner, and walking the beaches... and it made our playtime all the better knowing we had a cozy place to return to! We brought our own food and cooked up some great feasts in the kitchen. And, enjoyed our morning coffee listening to the waves from the comfort of the Adirondack chairs on the porch.

With access to the beach right from the doorstep, the Lazy B is the perfect get away for sea kayakers and beachcombers.

The driveway was NO problem, we drove our Chevy Astro all-wheel drive mini-van with 21 foot long surfski's on top down the drive to the house and back up.

All your hand-outs and directions were helpful. Murray happened to run into us just as we arrived at the top of the driveway and was a wonderful greeting party." Heather Nelson

Heather and Brandon Nelson are extreme weather kayakers and write about their adventures in several Kayaking magazines. They also have Chargelife blog site that accounts for all their outdoor activities. They were terrific guests during the 2008 Round Bowen Challenge. At the time Heather was a new Mom and still placed 2nd in her race division. I was very impressed.

All above photos provided by Heather & Brandon.