A Beautiful Spring Week in May

A wonderful spring retreat from 98 degrees. The viburnum surrounded the cabin with sunshine yellow and vivid green. The lilac scented the air. While touring the island for beautiful scenery I discovered the most interesting tree. I believe it is the same tree that is highlighted in the TV show Harper's Island. Watch Saturdays on CBS. For more of my May 2009 photos go to Jan Stevens Photography.

Even though I traveled alone I was never alone long......the neighbors were the most neighborly. I so enjoyed their company. Anne-Marie helped me plant chives and other perennials around the property. And, she prepared a terrific dinner for us all. Jean sent ground cover starts down and Terry put them in the ground. Len tested out the new TV as well as delivered the new sofa down the road. Harry & Murray were there to lend a hand too. Eagle Cliff has the best neighbors ever.

A1 Cellulose Blowers arrived on time and did a fabulous job. The recycled newspaper aka cellulose insulation was blown in between the main floor and the basement suite to improve the sound insulation. What a huge improvement!! The sounds have been reduced by at least 75% . Voices are gone, TV is near silent, Colleen and James are pleased....and so am I. This was a home improvement well worth the expense. The best part was the crew cleaned up their mess before they left. I highly recommend Reggie and his guys.

On Sunday, May 17th I took the
Granville Island Water Taxi over to Granville Island to meet Terry. It was a fantastic boat trip...smooth and only 30 minutes. Terry road Amtrak up from Seattle to Vancouver. The train was first class, comfortable, and stress free. The Bald Eagles escorted the train during a portion of the trip while the rest of the scenery was North West beautiful.

Granville Island was very busy as it was the Queen's holiday. The produce and meats were inviting as well as the baked goods. Now that is the place to have lunch. Buy a little here and that from there and then find a picnic table near the water under the sun. It was a lovely day.

On my next trip I will try Amtrak to Vancouver and then a taxi to Granville Island. Shop there for my grocerys and then off to Bowen via the Water Taxi. No more Hertz rental car for me....that is another story.


Anonymous said…
I really want to visit all the Harper's Island shoot locations when I visit Bowen Island - Where exactly did you find that tree?? :D
Jan said…
It is over by the golf course along the road as you approach the parking lot. It is famous to Bowenites!! :)