Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Staff Profile: Lisa, Our Newest Cleaning Professional at Bowen Island Accommodations

We love the work our cleaners do for Bowen Island Accommodations. They are the backbone of our business, making sure our properties are in the best shape possible for our guests to enjoy while on vacation. We've had guests refer specifically to the cleanliness of our properties as the reason why they booked with Bowen Island Accommodations.

So at a recent staff dinner chez Jan Stevens, we discussed a blog entry idea: we thought it might interest guests to put faces and names to the hard-working cleaners, whose work we enjoy.

Jan Stevens (top) and the gang of Bowen Island Accommodations cleaning professionals

Our first Staff Profile is of Lisa, who has recently joined Bowen Island Accommodations this spring, 2017. We are grateful to have her on board!

BIA: How long have you been working for Bowen Island Accommodations?

Lisa: About 3 months

BIA: When and why did you move to Bowen?

Lisa: I’ve been on Bowen 10 years. I moved here because it’s a great environment for my kids.

BIA: What do you like best about working for BIA / why is it a good fit for you?

Lisa: The accommodations are lovely, clean and bright.. along with the fantastic views, they are great places to spend a few hours! The job is a good fit because of its flexibility.

BIA: What do you do, when you’re not working for BIA (other work, fun)?

Lisa: I run Bowen Island Herb Salts, which involves growing a large selection of herbs in my Bowen Island garden, processing and putting the herbs into different Mediterranean sea salt recipes that I then package in glass salt grinders. We then market the grinders both on and off island.

BIA: What’s the biggest surprise a guest has left for you (good, bad, totally weird…)?

Lisa: A great tip :)

BIA: Which BIA property would you most like to stay in, and why?

Lisa: That is hard to choose.. they are all great.

BIA: What’s your favourite thing about Bowen Island? Least favourite thing?

Lisa: My favourite thing about Bowen Island is the quiet and natural environment. My least favourite is the ferry.

BIA: What’s your favourite Bowen Island event?

Lisa: Bowfest.

Awaiting the floats at BowFest

Black Sheep Morris Dancers at BowFest

BIA: What would you hope visitors to Bowen Island could take away from their experience here?

Lisa: An appreciation of the natural environment on and around Bowen Island.

Thanks, Lisa, for taking our interview, and we look forward to trying Bowen Island Herb Salts

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